Pen Nochio - EAT SALAD!

This app will teach your toddler to read his or her first three-letter words (including MOM and DAD!). We help kids learn by using the Phonemic Awareness method. The app introduces 13 basic phonemes which your child will learn to put together using our Word Machine. We have invented this approach in order to combine effective learning with having heaps of fun! The app also offers 4 captivating games as well as a memorization module that helps your child to learn systematically. At the same time emphasis is placed primarily on parent involvement. Enjoy the first episode of the series!
Now it’s time to learn how to put together the rest of the simplest phonemes. With this app we help kids build dozens of three-letter words - starting with the word ANT and ending with WEB. Our Word Machine becomes even more creative allowing you and your child to make an endless variety of words! Another 4 captivating games and our redesigned memorization module await you. Most importantly, we have included new features that are meant to enhance the parents experience! Check out the second episode of the series!
This interactive storybook will tell you of Pen’s first time to eat out. Learn how Pen finally manages to eat a healthy salad and how he was persuaded. We have combined the plot with a simple task and puzzles that will build kids interest. This has been designed specially for 3-year-old children. We recommend it as a perfect bedtime app that will help you prepare your kids to sleep well!
It is hard to start reading if you don't know the letters! With this app we teach letter shapes, names and sounds! We use the dot-to-dot approach as research has shown that 2-year-olds prefer this to drawing lines. But please keep in mind that, at this early stage, a letter’s sound is more significant than it’s shape. The ability to recognize a letter’s sound plays a key role in the process of learning to read.
Children perceive an uppercase 'A' and a lowercase 'a' as two different letters, not as two versions of one. The aim of this app is to help your child associate uppercase letters with their lowercase counterparts by repeating them in a fun yet systematic way. A child makes this connection primarily on the letter’s sound but also by recognizing it’s two distinct shapes.


Pen is an ordinary boy who lives in Chicago with his parents and his sweet little pet grasshopper. He has inherited much of his sense of humour and character from his Polish mother, while his unusual name and love of the sun have come from his Italian father! Of course, he loves Pinocchio (who he calls PENocchio!), making his mother read his favorite book to him every bedtime! Like his favorite character he too gets in trouble sometimes but, thanks to his caring parents, he always comes to his senses and his bright side shines through.


You, as a parent, play a vital role in our method! At this early stage of a child’s development a parent’s guidance is crucial in everyday learning. As parents ourselves, we build our apps while considering the benefits of the parent-child learning experience. We all know that toddlers cannot be forced to learn, so when they show no interest in one activity, it’s better to switch to another task. On the other hand, the more enthusiasm a parent shows during these activities, the more likely they are to be pleased with the results of their child. The key is to have fun and reward the child on a job well done. Affection and learning go hand-in-hand!
According to a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development report, Phonemic Awareness is the best method to learn to read. Its conclusion states:

Overall, the findings showed that teaching children to manipulate phonemes in words was highly effective under a variety of teaching conditions with a variety of learners across a range of grade and age levels and that teaching phonemic awareness to children significantly improves their reading more than instruction that lacks any attention to PA’.
Report of the National Reading Panel:
Teaching Children to Read
Our learning approach is based on the methods of Phonemic Awareness. These methods are well-known as being the best available and all we have done is to put them into fun, interactive apps. Our platform provides you with an entertaining story, accompanied by engaging games that illustrate the focus language. Your toddler is given a structured set of exercises that will develop his or her reading skills without noticeable effort! As parents ourselves, we design our products in such a way that our children, apart from learning to read, will socialize more easily and develop their communication skills more quickly.


Tip 1:

Use the app on a daily basis

Systematic use is the key to success!
Tip 2:

‘Say it with me!’

“Repeat after me!”
In daily life, practice what you have learned together!
Tip 3:

Enough is enough!

Stop whenever your kid says enough.
Better to take a break than break the fun.